Before we get started with iPad itself, it's important to first take a look at iCloud. Apple's iOS offers several ways you can back-up or sync your iPad, but, before you start, it's best to learn about the iCloud. I have found it amazing to work with. When I acquired my second iPad, I was able to transfer all the data in my Contacts and Calendar within a matter of seconds from my iPad simply by allowing the data to be stored on iCloud. FYI, I found the following to be a good definition of iCloud:

Cloud is a free cloud storage service from Apple which offers you the ability to store music...photos, apps, contacts, documents, etc. For digital music this type of storage has the benefit of securely and remotely storing your song library while also enabling you to sync multiple devices (up to 10) -- like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Incidentally, if you use the iTunes Store to purchase songs, then one of the biggest benefits of using the iCloud service is that it automatically pushes down (synchronizes) your purchases to all of your registered devices.

The basic service comes with 5GB of free storage. Certain products purchased from Apple like: songs, books, and apps don't count towards this limit -- if you store photos using the Photo Stream service, then this also doesn't impact on your allocated storage space.


Below are several sites to give you more information. I found the first link to be an excellent overview. The presenter at the workshop that I attended in a 2012 conference in Seattle advised against iCloud, although I can't image why. She provided the second link below, which describes some of the drawbacks of working with the iCloud. The third link is an iCloud guide.

ICloud: What you need to know

Setting up your iOS Device to Use iCloud Back-up: Pros and Cons

Ultimate iCloud Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Now, watch this video... we're all visual learners, right?:

In summary then, whether you use iCloud or not is your choice. I have been loving it. Initially it is free for up to 5GB. That should take care of me for quite awhile. Currently you can upgrade through iTunes to 10GB for $20 or 20GB for $40 or 50GB for $100. More information.

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