Optional iPad Accessories
Buying these accessories are totally your decision. The first is the along one that I'd consider essential. The others are for you to consider.
Highly Recommended

Probably the only essential for your iPad is a sturdy case. Now, these come in a price range of $15 to $65 or more. Avoid the super-cheap. I bought a cheap one and it was far too easy for the iPad to slip out of the case. Also consider whether you are going to want to buy the keyboard, mentioned below. There are cases for those that will securing hold both the iPad and the keyboard. A quality case will not only protect your iPad, but it will allow you to prop up your iPad for viewing or typing.

A Stylus Pen is highly recommended for some apps. This depends on how you plan to use your iPad. These are fairly cheap... costing in the range of $8-$20.
Headphones would be very useful also. If you are playing a video in a public area, then this is highly recommended. My regular, inexpensive headphones worked... note the input hole on the top left side. However, a website reported that earphones did not work. I will try to find out more details on this later.

Other Items to ConsiderI've heard some say that an anti-glare screen protector is essential to protect your screen. Others have said it is totally unnecessary. You decide. You can usually get a couple for less than $10.
For those of you who don't want to always hold an iPad and want a more secure support than your case might offer, there a considerable variety of different types of iPad stands. Again, this can usually be taken care of with your case, but many stands... for a variety of situations are available.
For those of you who don't like the two thumb or two finger typing, you can always buy the external keyboard. There is a variety of sizes and, in fact, there is also a roll-up keyboard.

Recommended for Projecting in the Classroom

Finally, there are a couple devices that will allow you to wirelessly project to a screen, from your iPad. I believe that this is far better than being tethered to your computer. I was very impressed when I saw first saw with being done at one presentation. The presentor at the conference was able to walk around the room and advance his presentation by simply making adjustments on his iPad. In my opinion, this would be tremendous for teachers!

An Apple TV is the best option for project as it allows wireless projecting, so teachers can walk around the room with their iPad and even hand it off to a student when desired. However, it is the most extensive option, costing $99. Depending on your projection system, you may also need to buy a HDMI to VGA converter box, costing about $40-$80. Check out this website to find more information.

In addition, two software products are available for wireless projecting from iPads. The Reflection app (http://www.reflectionapp.com/) costs $14.99 for single seat or $49.99 for 5-seat licenses. The software is simply downloaded to either a Mac or PC. Then, in the Settings area of the iPad, users click on Bluetooth and then click on the signal from the computer. Another software Airserver (http://www.airserverapp.com/) also provides this service with prices ranging from free (for a 7-day trial) or $59.99 (for 15 licenses).

The cheapest way to project from your iPad is with a cable. This is the cheapest, but it means you'll be tethered to the system and not able to walk around the room. Try to buy one with a long cord. More information is here.

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