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This page contains the apps that I have recommended for use throughout the Instructional M.Ed. program at Lipscomb. Some, like Mail, are simply for your personal use. Now, there are some very useful apps out there that are rather self-explanatory (Contacts, Safari, etc.)... those, will not be included here. Other apps will be listed below with just a few words of explanation. There's a special note for those highlighted in Lipscomb's Internet Applications Course (EG5523).

IPads come with a built in Mail app. Excellent directions for setting that up and using it can be found at the following site:
Blackboard Mobile Learn
Once you have this app downloaded, you will need to select Lipscomb University and then log in with your regular username and password. As with the online version, you will then see all the courses in which you are enrolled... or are teaching. Select the course you wish. Then you will see the student menu. You can read about all the sessions... all the assignments... and all the items linked from the left menu. You can even view the Word or Excel documents that had been uploaded. You can NOT upload assignments or do any editing to the Blackboard site... this is solely a reader of your Blackboard courses.

This is almost a must app for everyone. It allows to they synchronize all your files from all your computers and your iPad. That is, once you've but a file in DropBox on your iPad, it will be accessible on all the computers where you use DropBox! For Session 4 of EG5532, you'll first be using it to save audio files. I suggest that you start by downloading Dropbox on your computer. Then also download to your iPad.

It's good to read this article about syncing files from your iPad to your computers. Now below is also a video to give you more information:

Edmodo is called the "Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students". It is an excellent app for educators and is used as a discussion board in at least one of Lipscomb's IT classes. Beyond discussions, polls and assignments can be posted. Most of the features from the website can also be completed on the iPad and synced with the website. You can sign up for an account at:

This is an excellent app for taking notes, saving webpage and then syncing both to allow you to view them on your computer, on the Internet, as well as on your iPhones and iPads. To start, I've created a separate page with several tutorials.

Kindle & Kindle Store
Now you don't have to buy the Kindle Fire. Now you can start by just getting the free Kindle app from the Apps store. First be sure that you have an account at The go to Safari on your IPad and go to the following address:
There you can search for an incredible selection of books. Also notice that you may be asked if you'd like to put a Kindle Store app on your iPad. I've found that very usefult.

Prezi Viewer
This app does just what the name implies... it views your prezis. This is obviously great if you are going to project from your iPad in a classroom... or if you are in a small meeting and want to quickly show the group your Prezi. Once you have downloaded your Prezi, the iPad will remember it and you can show it without the Internet connection. Of course, you will need the Internet to play any YouTube videos. Also there's a neat feature specific to the iPad. That is, if you are deep along some embedded path and you want to pull out to the Overview, just shake your iPad! Then if you later want to proceed, click the forward arrow and it will go back where it was before you shock it!

In July, 2001, PC Magazine ran an article entitled "ScreenChomp iPad Apps Brings Digital Whiteboards to the Classroom". The following is one paragraph from the article that summarizing some of the features of this app: "ScreenChomp is a digital whiteboard that educators can use to write and draw on (in twelve different colors) with their fingers. ScreenChomp work can be recorded and edited in Camtasia for Mac or Camtasia Studio to create recorded lectures and instructional videos with a professional aesthetic. ScreenChomp video can be downloaded as MP4 files, making them easily shared using, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Blackboard and other video repositories."
Below is a video that gives an overview of ScreenChomp:

This is the same Skype that you have hopefully used on your computer. This works virtually the same, except it is much easier to run around with your iPad, showing off a variety of views.. rather than being stuck to a computer. More information can be obtained from this site:

The website for TED claims that their videos provide "Ideas worth spreading". For years, I have loved watching a variety of videos... my favorite is of Sir Ken Robinson's talk on "Do Schools Kill Creativity". TED actually started in 1984, with the name that stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design". Now the full selection of over 900 videos is also available on your iPad, through this free app.

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