Field Experiencebus.gifReadings
Published just last summer, this first article has 59 different sections that link to pages that have information in specific area of technology. I would advise keeping the article and check out all sections, as you have time. However, for this assignment, I'd like you to focus on...

Next read the following articles... based on a debate of what hardware provides the best investment for today's schools:

The readings above should give you a clearer understanding of the hardware options presented to those who have to make decisions for purchasing the devices in our schools. Certainly, I want each of you to be more informed than the poor perplexed guys below.


Now, I fully realize that the Summer '17 course is very compact. Thus I have given you these readings in advance. The actual "field experience" details are described in Session 13 of Blackboard. Again, due to our compact schedule, this summer's "field experience" is unique.... you will NOT actually require that you travel anyway. However, the readings will be important.

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