Taking Screenshots, Pictures
& Videos with your iPad

Now, on the iPad, it very easy to do all three of these... screenshots, snapshots and videos. Let's start with the easiest of all... the screenshot. All you need to know do, as explained on the video below, is to hold down the Power button on the top of your iPad... while holding it down, punch the home button at the bottom, then you see the flash and hear the camera click... and Voilá... your screenshot will be waiting for you in your Photos app.

Before starting to take pictures, it is good to location the camera... as you don't want to cover up the camera while taking pictures. As you look on the back of the camera, notice the little black circle near the power button... that is the camera. So, to take pictures and videos it is commended that you hold the iPad with your right hand just below the home button. Your left hand can then stabilize the lower left corner. That should keep fingers well away from the camera.

The iPad 3 and all later devices can take 5 megapixel photos from the rear camera. The forward facing camera was fairly poor quality with early versions, but moved to 1.2 mp with the iPad 4 and later. More comparisons are available from this chart.

When it first opens, the forward facing camera will be activated. The first thing that you need to tell the camera is if you want to take still pictures or videos. On the lower right of the screen should be a toggle switch like the image below.

Now the image below shows that just to the area left of the switch shown above is another toggle switch... this is for selecting the forward facing camera or the read facing camera. Once you've made all your decisions and allowed the camera to focus on the image, you can snap the picture shown in step 3 below:


Now your image is hiding in the lower left corner of your iPad. You can check the quality. When you do that, you will see a new menu appear at the top with several options, as shown below.

Obviously, if you don't like your image, you can quickly delete it by tapping on the trash can on the very right. The arrow that comes next is for sending your image. When you click on that, a new menu will appear that allows you to do seven different things. I've used the top selection of e-mail the most often. I'll allow you to explore the others. The Slideshow button allows you to quickly see all the images and videos that you have taken so far.

Now, here's an article with one writer's views about taking pictures on the new iPad.

Also, here's a video, for the iPad2, that gives a good overview... and a few additional tips for taking both still and video images:


The iPad can easily take 1080p videos. Just as with the photos, you will be able to edit your videos somewhat... and for even more fine tuning, you can search for more powerful editing apps.

So, to take your video, toggle the appropriate switches, as shown above, and press the same button to beginning recording. You will see the little circle blinking red during the recording. Just hit the circular record button again to stop the recording. Just as with the photos, a thumbnail of your video is in the lower left corner. You can view it here... or it will be waiting for you in the Photos App.

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